Indie/Alt/Americana/Soul/Pop/Folk fueled by roots rhythm, powerhouse vocals, and a better world.




Caroline Ferrante’s single “Feels Like a Holiday” received the coveted “Top Ten Singles of 2017” award by Ark of Music.


Her 2017 EP release SKY is still gaining national press:

“Sky is top class roots rock. Caroline Ferrante is a master of her craft.”

- Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music (Nov 26, 2017)

“The folk-pop fundamental texture of Caroline Ferrante’s newly released EP ‘Sky’ is turning heads within the indy music scene as a rhythmically- revolutionary sensation of intricate compositions.”

- ArtisTrack (Dec 05, 2017)

“By choosing such an eclectic blend of styles Caroline Ferrante delivers an incredible kaleidoscope of color with the powerful “SKY”.”

- Vince Rodman, Skope Magazine (Nov 20, 2017)

“The last track Symphony contains some of the most powerful and clever songwriting on SKY. The instrumentation is stripped down to subdued sounding drums, an array of piano chords, and Ferrante’s most visceral vocal riffs on the EP. As the piano chords change keys from downtrodden, to hopeful and back”

- Justin Lugo, (Dec 24, 2017)

“Caroline Ferrante Will Make Your Ears Smile”

- Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru (Dec 14, 2017)

““Singing, “You say I’m the Devil/You’re a Savior to me/The demons you wrestled /Stayed offa me,” Caroline’s voice sends shivers up your spine with an immaculate tone and emotive phrases.”

- Bryon William, Indie Spoonful (Nov 29, 2017)

“What Caroline Ferrante showcases throughout this four-track release is immense versatility and a uniquely inspired sense of creativity that strikes all at once as incredibly professional, deeply soulful, and forever unpredictable.”-

- Rebecca Cullin, Stereo Stickman (Nov 19, 2017)


Caroline Ferrante grew up on the south side of Chicago, studied theater and voice at Northwestern University, and spent summers on family farms in Kansas. She opened for the Birds of Chicago in 2011 and played the leading role in "Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust Opera" at DC's Atlas Performing Arts Center, to national acclaim.


Cabbage Run Records produced Caroline’s first CD, "Live from the Belfry", in June 2014. DC Concerts wrote "Caroline’s stunning vocals, three-octave range, signature 12-string guitar, and crossover songwriting pack a powerhouse punch on the DC live music scene!"


April 2015 Caroline began her Artist in Residency at DC's famous Mansion on O Street, featured on the Travel Channel's "Mega-Mansions". Her podcast features frequent guest spots for some famous travelers through the colorful Georgetown artist haven. She shared the stage with Grammy and Academy Award winners like Paul Williams, Mark Bryan of Hootie & the Blowfish, Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead, & Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin.


Caroline advocates for survivors of assault, abuse, and intimate partner violence. She founded Songwriters Against Sexual Assault in 2015, and leads annual “Brighter Day” Workshops, Concerts, and Conversations on college and university campuses.


Her original “Brighter Day”- celebrating the courage of those who break silence after assault- was featured in playwright Carol Lee Campbell’s “Goddess Diaries” at George Mason University Fall 2016. The single, produced by Marco Delmar, was released November 2016.


Caroline Ferrante was selected to represent the Washington DC area December 2016 as part of the international Acoustic Guitar Project. Her song “Savage Beauty” features on


In 2017 Caroline joined Jim Ellis on lead and John Dahlman on bass as "The Whole Magilla". The band has quickly moved up the ranks: showcased at NERFA NY, Dewey Beach Music Festival, Cultural Arts Center at Montgomery College (DC), University of Duluth, Silvana (Harlem), Bushwick Publick House (Brooklyn), Lovecraft NYC (Lower East Side), & the Clarendon Day Festival (VA).


Currently Caroline is collaborating on a 2018 Release with Producer Austin Bello of Forever the Sickest Kids.